The Gravity of Choice

by Alisha Mishell on November 27, 2012

As a species, we are disconnected from nature, from each other and from our-Selves. We disassociate when the pain is too much to bear. We disconnect from others as a form of protection. We desensitize from our feelings by suppressing our emotions. And most are disenchanted with the miraculous Life here on Earth. A prevailing numbness and ever deepening disorientation prevails in our lives as we deal with stress of the modern world. The psyche is an amazing aspect of our human matrix. It protects us from danger and it connects us to the Divine. We do have a choice . That choice begins with Awareness.
The Science of Astrology is an ancient system of thought that connects Cosmic awareness to the phsyicial, emotional, and mental realms as well as to the psyche of the indwelling spirit ."Astro-Logos" = "Stars -Sound Vibration" ~ literally translates as " the sound vibration pouring thru the Cosmos from the stars & planets" . Cultiavting awareness to the cause and effect principels at work in your life, nation, and Earth is only the beginning of what this science teaches us.
The prevailing energy of the Cosmos celebrates the inevitable transformation abounding in ALL hearts, minds and souls in this very moment. We are ALL waking up from a VERY long slumber. Humanity has experienced the illusion of separation from Divinity as we journeyed thru the dark primitive age, the reign of rationalism and reason, to the pysical mechanical Universe to the Conceptual Energetic and Holographic Universe that Einstein's theories ushered in. In terms of evolution this is as big (if not bigger) than the collective accepting the ovoid shaped Earth.

And the schisms in society run deep as ancient grooves in the collective sub-conscious. It is my intention to bring deep reconcilition to all that have ears to hear. We no longer need to divide and conquer or separate and divide. It is a choice. We are evolving to a state of awareness of inclusion and synthesis of religion and science, of eastern and western philosophy and psychology, the left and right brain functions, the mind body split. It is a choice.

Unusual weather patterns nationally and globally remind us to expect the unexpected. We are not in Kansas in anymore, folks. Time is accelerating and we all feel it and know it. What took us a few years to process is currently being done is a few months or even days now. The time between the thought and its manifestation is shortened. The Sat Uranus opposition has brought each of to the abyss of change v/s resistance in our own lives. Don't hang on to what is ending. Acceptance of what is (And what is not) is necessary in order to navigate the tides of change. The last Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Piseces occurs on January 4th which begins 2011 with a
Since Mercury is in retrograde motion until Decemeber 30th
Relationships are feeling the heat regardless of the length depth nature or intensity of the union. Saturn is provoking balance equality and truth in to the structure of our relationships. Reciprocity is the order of the day. Where there is imbalance there is power struggles. Our relationships must be an expression our highest self or the foundation will crumble. Alluring Venus is in intense Scorpio deepening our intimate bonds thru inciting our passion and sensuality. Be aware that the shadow side of this configuration is jealousy, suspison and revenge. To best utilize this force, regardless of your sun sign, is to be sensitive to your personal relating and financial strategies during the next 4 weeks. Notice your gut reactions to what you value and why you value it.
Planets send out waves of energy absorb magnify collapse and condense. Our physical bodies are conduits for electricity our chakra system traduces the energy and our neurological system relays the messages. Our Organic Human system is as intricate as it is miraculous. When we tune into to our bodie's wisdom and develop a deep love for the physical temple ( which houses soul), we be

Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn from 10-30th is the perfect time to
This entire year has been full excitement month is a powerful ending to this year. Mars Square Saturn
One of the most auspicious astrological events of this year is the Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice (21rst at)
When we are confronted with adversity it teaches us to cultivate the other end of the spectrum. When we realize that we harbor negative thoughts then awareness teaches to cultivate positive thoughts, greed teaches us to share, sadness teaches us to cultivate joy,

Mars in Capricorn. This is an excellent time for concentrating and focusing your will power on whatever it is that you want to bring into manifestation. Mars in Capricorn is like the general who creates the overall battle plan and then uses strategy, tactics, and the skillful use of resources to put that plan into action. With Mars in Capricorn we have the ability to concentrate our will so that we can bring our goals into manifestation. In order to manifest we must be willing to cause action to occur; to set up such a strong intention that the universe knows we are serious! Use Mars in Capricorn this month to create a strong plan for the manifestation of your worthwhile goals.

Mercury’s retrograde is going to be most difficult when Mercury is at his retrograde station and a few days before and after. When a planet is at retrograde station, it is at the point where it is changing from a forwards to a backwards motion.
Mercury will cross Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth, on the New Moon, December 5th. There could be jealousy, arguments, transportation problems, and especially computer problems beginning then. Then from the last day of Hanukkah,
December 9th, through December 14th, Mercury, Pluto, and Mars will all move to an exact conjunction! Mercury rules communication, transportation, and short trips. Pluto governs passion, criminal behavior, and transformation. Then add Mars, the warrior, who represents sex, energy, and fights! There will be all kinds of mishaps, misfortunes, and misunderstandings, especially on Monday December 13th.
Once Mercury, Pluto, and Mars begin to separate, and Mercury gets moving along his backward path (around December 15th), we should see the typical Mercury retrograde behavior. An old friend may call, or we may find ourselves digging out old boxes of stuff and sorting through them. Leave extra time for travel, and make sure important files on the computer are backed up.
There could be a second Mercury retrograde flare-up around December 20th and 21st. Mercury will be at negative aspects to Uranus and Jupiter while we have a Full Moon lunar eclipse. There could be a lot of misunderstandings and self serviing / selfish decisions in the air, and the eclipse will be amplifying them.

From your friendly Astro-Weather Girl- I can only tell you the forecast, its up to you to bring your rain gear or not. There is ALWAYS a choice.


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